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Wal-mart Super Center, Bristol, VA. / search after checking out

1 8264 Old Mil lRd.24340the Hawthornes, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 276-429-5568

Dear Sirs, I recently got out of the hospital on Saturday.
It was so pretty on Sunday I thought I would go down with my husband to pick up my meds and a few items my sister wanted. I got most of my shopping done and hers and I became very weak and sick. I loked for an empty seat to no avail so I moved a basket that was blocking the phot center and sat down while my husban used our debit to check us out. I could hardly stand to my feet so we made our way with the basket to the door. Not paying attention except for the way I felt I went out the door. I heard somebody say come back I was almost out the second door when I looked around and she came running after us. Come back in here the alarm went off and I have to check your purchases.
I gave her my receipt, but she continued rummaging through my stuff. A robe the checkout girl had help me fold that was a gift, stuff falling out of the bags, my stuff and my sisters mixing. I was so furiouse and so sick.I felt like a common criminal. We checked our computer car key our cell phones and come to find out it turned out to be a little plastic scan bar or something on some kind of fat burner. It wasn't our fault it was on my ticket it just didn't ok it I had paid for it. Then the lady behind me started out and the same thing happened to her. I was so embarassed. people looked at me like they thought I stole something. How degradeing and rude. I say if it is my mistake I take the blame, but if it is your mistake and I have already purchased the goods they are mine and you shoud have the proper papers to search them. I travel from Glade Spring Va. to Bristol, Va every week for anything I need. I don't know If I will in the future. It was rude, and the little girl was very pushy like the stores security depended upon her accuracy. Poor judgement on your part. Maybe visiting again wil be poor judgement on my part, Do you think?

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