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I have been going to the Anderson, California Walmart to have our prescriptions refilled for awhile now and have had more problems there then anywhere else I have had them filled.

1. - Call in a prescription 2 days ahead of time only to be told that it hasn't been filled yet when I go to pick it up. This has happened several times and on ALL TYPES of medicines. (Not Just Narcotics)

2. - Tell me they won't refill a prescription because it hasn't been 30 days yet. (With a hand written prescription from the doctor that I was going to pay cash for.)They said it is there policy!

3. - Waiting in line that is 2 or 3 isles long and only 1 cashier working the register.

Walmart may have good prices but the rest of the service stinks. The employee's all look like they don't want to be there and who blames them with everybody complaining.

If things don't change I am going back to Rite Aid as they do price match!

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      22nd of Aug, 2010

    The reason your meds may not be ready is because your insurance will not pay for it on the day you phoned the store. If your doctor writes you a rx for a controlled substance(pain or sleeping med) and you are suppose to have several more days supply at home, the pharmacy is bound by law to not fill your new rx. Yes, makes no difference if it is a newly written rx from your doctor, the pharmacist is bound by state board pharmacy regulations. This is to prevent folks like you from becoming and addict. If the med was not a controlled substance, then your insurance is probably denying it. Even if it is another type rx, the computer may be blocking the pharmacist from filling it because it is far too soon to get it refilled.
    If the wait time is always extremely long, more than 1 hour, then find another pharmacy to shop.

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