Vonslousy customer service

P Nov 19, 2017

(1) 5922 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(2) 16600 Bolsa Chica St., Huntington Beach, CA 92649

About a year ago I moved to this neighborhood. The two stores noted above are the closest grocery stores to my home, and I have visited them both numerous times.

Both stores have consistently poor customer service at the deli counter and at the checkout. Maybe they're just understaffed but it's quite frustrating.

At both stores, if it's not a peak shopping time, which is when I try to get my shopping done, there is usually only one cashier on duty and the line can get backed up 5 or 6 deep -- small orders, large orders all in one line. If you politely ask them to call for a backup checker, they either ignore it or cop a snotty attitude and say there is nobody else to call.

If you need to ask where something is and try to ask a checker (because there's usually nobody at the customer service desk), you will be ignored. If you go there during peak shopping times, you will be ignored AND the staff is surly. There's only one guy at store (1) who always helps the deli customers right away and is pleasant, a young black man.

This morning (Sunday, 11/19/17) around 9:15 am, I stopped by store (1) at the deli section to pick up some sliced cold cuts. There was hardly anyone in the store, which I'm sure is typical for that time on Sunday morning.

There was one person ahead of me and two staff members at the deli counter. One staff member was in the process of helping the person ahead of me and another staff member walked over, saw me waiting and said, "I'll be with you in a minute". The person ahead of me was helped and left within about 2 minutes.

After waiting about another 45 seconds to a minute, I said "hello" to let the two women -- whose backs were facing the counter -- know that I was still waiting. The same staff member, with her back to me, said AGAIN, "I'll be with you in a minute". I couldn't really tell that she was doing anything besides removing some cooked meats from a rack on the counter - perhaps getting them ready for slicing or something of that nature.

She could have easily faced me and taken my order, and I have no idea what the other staff member was doing, but it was clear that neither one had the slightest compulsion to help a waiting customer.

This exact same thing is also the case at store (2). It happens just about every time I go there -- you have to beg someone to help you at the deli counter, and you have to wait in ridiculously long checkout lines there because there are only 1 or sometimes 2 open, and they're mobbed. The staff is surly and slow.

I remember one incident a couple of months ago at store (2) where the lines were long and one checker left her counter in the middle of someone's order and went over to help the other checker. Instead of having a supervisor or someone on duty to figure out problems with electronics or whatever, now both checkers are basically serving only one person, and everyone else (perhaps as many as 10 people) is just left standing there waiting for these checkers to figure out some problem.

Because I've had such consistently terrible luck with customer service at these stores, I debated on my way home from the gym today whether or not to stop, but decided since it's early on Sunday it wouldn't be very busy. It didn't matter. I was the only person in line and they both were still too busy to wait on me.

If my experience at both stores wasn't so consistent, I probably would not have bothered with this, but somebody needs to know how badly these stores are managing their customer service.

In fact, when the deli staff person said the second time that she'd be with me in a minute, I told her, "never mind, don't bother" and left the store. It's not the first time I've left without making my purchase. And this is at BOTH stores.

I came to the conclusion that nobody at these stores cares about the frustration being caused to its customers. So I'll have to travel a little further to the Ralphs or Stater Bros., where I've found the customer service to be much better.

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