Vodashop Mooiriver Mallillegal upgrade which are still not reversed

In august 2016 I received a phone bill on which I saw that a phone which was supposed to be prepaid has been upgraded to a smart m package. I phone customer care (111) who told me to go to vodashop mooirivier mall in potchefstroom with my complaint. That I did. The manager at that time showed me the contract on which the upgrade was done. Then we discover that they upgrade the wrong number. He said that he will ask for a reversal of the contract. Month after month I went to vodashop with no positive ending.In november 2016 a new manager took over at the shop. He again asked for a reversal.
Up to now nothing has been done and I have to pay the account every month. The total of which are now a few thousand rands.
Nobody can tell me what I can do to speed up the process so that the reversal can be done. I will appreciate a lot op help at the moment from any one at vodacom with this.

Jan 10, 2017

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