Vodacom / wrongfully advertising

Barberton, ZA

I purchased a phone from a reputable company on the 28/ has taken me this long to actually be told there is a complaints division as when ivd been trying to access your email if doesn't I stated I purchased your "p520" model along with accompanying sim that "clearly" stated 3gb of data plus 250 MB a month for 12 months... perfect I thought as it is worth it for my work..upon purchase (after) I paid the cashier informed me that the data is split over 12 months and I only received 125mb for 12 clearly stated ( i have proof) that the deal says " as mentioned above 12 months 3gb" and nowhere does it state " shared for 12 months" divided by 12months...this is blatant false advertising and am now seeking advice elsewhere to lodge my it's clear I can't contact anyone in vodacpm all I get is tephone vodacpm email us all to unsatisfactory nobody wants to listen..I have photos to prove your mistake and would like for you to fullfill your statement and receive what I paid hasn't been cheap in data usage phone calls etc to find this division.. Hi hope you can help me and will assist where I can..
Kind regards Kirstey oellermann

Nov 18, 2017

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