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Pmb, ZA
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Recently I picked up 4 brochures at different Vodacom stores. I went into respective stores to purchase The Vodacom Smart tab 2 for R899 and on all occasions I was discouraged to do so...I received the following comments
1)Game has it cheaper .
2) I will order and give you a call. Still waiting.
3)I don't have that in stock. Try our other branch
4)our branch does not deal with the lay byes. I was paying the cash price.
I need to know:
Does Vodacom not believe or stand for honesty and integrity?
Does Vodacom condone false advertising and get away with Terms and conditions clause?
Does Vodacom not see itself as a business were sales revenue effects their profit margin?
Does think that customers are not important?
As a Vodacom client it made me rethink about renewing my family, business and my own contracts. There are the other competitors. I have been a loyal Vodacom client and it is sad that your customer service and sales stinks.
I thought to give you guys a chance to redeem yourself.
So will you give me what I want as advertised in the store and booklet or will you look the other way?
Just a note: I understand fully about marketing abuse, the consumer protection act and treating customers fairly.

Mar 16, 2017

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