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Hallo Vodacom,

In May 2016 I extend my contract with you for another two years. I was on a Red advantage package and actually extended the contract by down grading to a smart L package. I actually wanted to move to a different service provider at the time and needed to get a from your upgrades department. The reason for me to move to a different company was 1: better deal and 2: that fact that I could not do an early upgrade in April, since I missed the early upgrade amount with a ridicules R5 on my average bill and I needed a new phone, since my Iphone broke and was irreparable.

During the call your service representative at the time preformed a price beat, whereby he offered me 350 min and an extra gig of data over and above the 500mb at that time on the smart L package.

Give the fact that we have had a long standing relationship, I decided to stay, even though the minutes was not exactly the same as what your competition offered.

My thinking was that I would save money by doing this transaction, however every month I account was much higher than on my previous contract. In December 2016 I went into a Vodacom shop to try and ascertain what was costing me money? The representative indicated that I went over my voice allocation, which they on the system could see was 250min.

Subsequently my 350 min that was promised to me was never allocated to me via your upgrades department.

I phoned Vodacom and logged a "work document" reference [protected]

I was also instructed to phone the upgrades department in the new year (2017). Which I did, the lady that helped me basically said that she will not be able to help me, since the cannot listen to telephone calls longer that six months old and effectively told me that it is my word against theirs. I asked here if I could speak to a supervisor. She indicated that all the supervisors was in a meeting and that they will phone me back on that same day. Which never happened.

I waited another day and phone again, when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was placed on hold and it sounded like a very lekker party happening in the background, needles to say after a much time have passed being on hold, I put down the phone and retried the department two to three times, where the phone just kept on ringing.

The next day I phone again, this time asking for a supervisor, the representative that picked up the phone did try to help me... he saw that the work document was logged on my account and he said that it was being attended to and the outcome would be available within a week... That was two weeks ago and I am still non the wiser...

So hopefully this time round I will get the problem resolved by logging an complaint.

If it does yield a resolution I have a couple of questions:

1. If you do decide to give me what was promised, the extra 100min per month, will that be applied to the past and will I get a credit for every months I paid out of bundle call rates?

2. If you can't find the call and or you don't want to give me what was promised, I will need to upgrade, since given the current track record it is useless to fight with you, moreover just being another number to Vodacom, irrespective of my long standing relationship and I would need to manage my risk by upgrading my contract back to a red advantage, the contract I had previously. In that case I will be sure to not renew my contract in 2018 and you have a reluctant customer for give or take another 15 months or so, which will probably not Vodacom at all.

I look forward to your reply, I suppose at your earliest convenience as has been that case thus far.


Gert van Wyk

Jan 21, 2017

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