Vodacomupgrade disaster

My contract expired Dec '2016. I continued on my package till I got a good vodacom data package. I upgraded on the 26/04/17 for the R216H on a 20 gig day and 20 gig midnight data package. I have received a R216 router instead and the person that did my upgrade apparently made my package date for to be effective from June? When calling customer they say they are receiving extreme high call volumes. Then they can put you through to another department, so you are given another number to be called. My problem is still not solved and have to pay 259 again this month for a measly 5gig? Customer service said I would get an sms once he got line sorted. No sms thus far and I'm stuck with incorrect device. 6 contracts with vodacom... why should I not start cancelling once they mature? Online upgrading used to be breeze and calling customer service line used to be useful ad they were able to transfer your call if they couldn't assist. Very disappointed and frustrated, not to mention the one question call centre can never give direct answer to...If your mobile data is turned off, you have no subscriptions and you didnt sleep walk and make calls while you were sleeping?? What took airtime?? mmmmm

May 05, 2017

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