Vodacomunethical behaviour

Me and my mother in law upgraded our contracts on 10 January 2017 although our phones were ordered already on 28 Dec 2016. The manager told us that we could not get the tablets with it for the deal is already off. My friend upgraded 27 Jan 2017 and she got the tablet. I just wanted to find out why we did not get our tablets and the manager of Swellendam was so rude. He refused to speak to me, for he was busy stock taking. He told me I should go to another Vodacom and shouted to the girl who did my upgrade: "She is your client - you help her!". I gave them our numbers and told them I give them 2 days to find out what is going on and then come back. When we went back 2 days later, he showed us the brochure and told us the deal has expired on 6 Jan. I asked him why he didn't just tell me on Monday and he said because he was busy and it was not his working shift. I also asked him why we can't get the tablets, cause we ordered the phones on 28 Dec and he told me very rudely that there is no stock left. I mean, he is the manager - if there is a problem he is the one who should sort it out. All he was supposed to say is that he will look into it and let me know. I am not the first complaining about him. He can't do his work and is really rude to his customers. This is not about the tablets, but someone has to do something about this rude man.

Feb 02, 2017

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