Vodacomunauthorised debit orders

I phoned 08/11/2016 do do a premature cancellation quote, i received the quote already 08/11/2016 and made payment same day. on the call i made i requested that no futher debit order should be debited and the call centre employee confirmed that the amount on the quote is the final amount.

12/11/2016 i received yet anoted invoice and end of November Vodacom debited the amount. i have confirmed that it is unauthorised and sent the debit order back same with December.

i have 2 issues! every time Vodacom debits it is R100 more and it costs me R145on bank charges every time. i have requested Vodacom to listed to the recoriding of my cancellation and you will hear that they confirmed no further debit order. this is not treating customers fairly!! i have done my part and now Vodacom is not keeping their end of the deal.

please see that this is sorted asap.

Jan 09, 2017

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