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My cell nr get blocked every 3 month, one minute it is right and then the next minute it shows, ism card not registered on network. Then you must go in to your nearest vodacom shop and ours is in the Secunda mall, and what pathetic service. The people are extremely rude and unprofessional, even the manager. Then the issue does not get resolved. Every time i must take of work to go in, they do a sim swab and still it does not work. I went there now since monday and the sim is not working, then they log a complain, the next day you go back then they phone headoffice, log a complain again and still no working sim. So that means you must go back again and if you ask them a answer they are rude and say thats all they can do. And this is not the first time it happened. It is now the 4th time and it is every 3 month and nobody can give you an answer because i think not one of Secunda branch knows what they doing or is the problem headoffice that is not capable to do there work and it is really getting irritating. And i know for a fact that 50 percent of Secunda people are fed up with vodacom. Why dont vodacom employ people who knows what they doing or give them proper training and who is professional. I am FED UP with this RUDE PEOPLE OF SECUNDA VODACOM. THEY ARE PATHETIC, AND SO IS THERE SERVICE. And the best of it you can complain to the manager but she is just as pathetic and rude as her employees. They cant even greet a person if you talk to them and then somebody will call them, then they cant excuse themselves they just get up and walk away to go to the backroom and you must sit and wait. WHAT IS VODACOM GOING TO DO ABOUT IT. LETS SEE THE RESULTS OR IF I WILL GET AN PHONECALL OR A ANSWER.

May 17, 2017

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