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Hi to Whom It May Concern

Hope this mail reaches you well,

I wanted to highlight my dissatisfaction, not with you per se. But procedurally with regards to how my claim through CellSure was conducted.

I claimed my damaged Samsung S6 Edge from CellSure whom is Vodacom's insurance company. I followed up with Thomas from CellSure who assisted me with my claim. He advised that i would be able to get a new phone from any of the Vodashops as my claim had been approved.

On the day of picking up my phone, that being toady Thur 7 April. Whilst the customer service was busy working on the finalising the claim, i spoke to one of the other service agents, to which she spoke to before and requested that the phone to be brought to the front from the store room. She then requested for the sim card that was going to be used in the phone which i gave her. Which i then did. She then activated my insurance and then i left the store. When arriving at the office, i took the phone out, only to find out that i was given a phone that i did not order. After numerous cals between the Vodashop and CellSure. I have been told i cannot bring the phone back as the box is open. The same box that i did not open but the shop opened. After many queries it seems that the miscommunication of me receiving a phone that i did not want lays with the shop clerks who gave me the wrong phone and without my communication.

CellSure asured me that my claim would be for the phone that i wanted, which was a Samsung S7 Edge. I have been given a Samsung S7 flat, which is a phone that i do not want and i would like to escalate this matter with both CellSure, Vodacom and the Voda stores.

Apr 07, 2016

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