Vodacomservice at gateway

I have been a customer of vodacom since 2003 and have been extremely dissapointed and inconvenienced by vodacoms service recently.

I had my ipad stolen recently which was on a 2 gig each month cellular contract. Having blocked the sim I needed a sim swap, which I went into the store on the 10/5/17. Explained my story to the service attending who assisted me. Multiple times I asked him, this won't affect my cell, just please replace the sim for the ipad. He assured me the sim swap was on my tablet and told me to not switch the device on for 2 hours.

I did this later only to find that I had no active device. He did the sim swap on my cellular telephone number and not on my tablet! No signal at all. I am in the medical profession who needs my cell to be active for calls and messages at all times. I was totally offline for over 12 hours. Called customer care who could not help me and I was told it couldn't be reversed and I would need to go in to get it sorted again in the morning.

I was then inconvenienced, having to take time off work just to go back to the store. Received no apology, just excuses that "mistakes happen". I was highly inconvenienced as it then required 2 more sim swaps and I had to wait 2 more hours offline. Almost a day offline with shocking attitude from the staff. Like they were doing me a favour. No apology, just a lot of head nodding. Terrible vodacom! Bad service at high rates!

May 11, 2017

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