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Vodacom Incompetent and unwilling to assist with basic requests

I took out a new contract for work when I started at a new company in October, the company requested that I gave them an Invoice for all the cost and submit with my monthly claims. Vodacom decided that they would combine the invoice with my wife's number. From October I have been asking them to split the bill so that I can claim the money back from my company and every week its a different story, their main excuse is " its the system that generates the invoice and it cant be changed" How is this possible ??????????

I spent over 10 hours on the phone in the last 3 months and every time they say it will be corrected with the new invoice and every time its the same ****. The best is when the staff cant assist me they put me on hold for more than 45 min waiting for me to put the phone down. ( and Yes I have screen shots of this) I spoke to 3 managers over the December break to resolve this and not one of them followed through to resolve this, All of them promised to get back to me and try and resolved this, Not one phoned me back or had the decency to escalade it .

After every call (+- 10 calls) I rated the service I got back from Vodacom and not once did anybody from that department phone me back and asked why I rated everything on 0.

It just shows you the level of the competency of the staff that is looking after the once great brand called Vodacom.

I have been a loyal customer since 2002 and this will be my last contract. As soon as the contract is finished Ill go over to Telkom Mobile or CellC. Vodacom does not care about the small fish called customers seeing that they believe they have the monopoly in SA.

To all new contract seekers ... avoid Vodacom ... service is not up to standard, and staff is terrible and incompetent

Jan 12, 2017

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