Vodacomsamsung s5 screen repair

Good day

I received horrible service with my screen repair at two different branches and my phone came back incorrectly repaired.

Last year I dropped my phone and my screen broke. I contemplated for about a month where I should send it to to get repaired as it is already past its 2year warranty contract. I wanted to send it to a cheap, local repair shop, but decided to do it properly, even if it is expensive. I decided to send it to vodacom as I have always been using your network. I booked it on 10/11/2016 at plettenberg bay, western cape.

I was very disappointed when I received my phone back though! I do not know what quality screens you use as I assumed it would be the original, proper screen. When I received it back though, it was firstly not properly fitted. The front camera had a black ring around the lens (See picture attached) and when I checked why, I saw that the entire screen is standing away from the phone and can literally be pulled away from the phone (See picture attached). I then pushed lightly on the screen to see if the ring goes away and it did, but the screen immediately cracked again! It was clear to me that you do not use quality screens for your repairs and did nit fit it correctly. My 'back' button's light also does not work. I also know that they take the protective screen off when repairing the phone but when they sent it back they just had a randomly cut film on the screen. I understand this fully, but a properly fitted film to protect my screen would be much more appreciated. I booked it on 10/11/2016 and it says on the forms that it was completed on the 21/11/2016, but nobody contacted me and I went to the workshop in george, western cape, on 06/12/2016 and received my phone.

I also received horrible service. I was under the influence that I should pay for my repair when I pick up my phone but I got send a few sms messages regarding my payment saying that the parts for the repairs will only be ordered once my payment is made. I paid it though and send proof of payment. After three weeks of waiting and hearing nothing, I went to the repair center and inquired about my phone. Where I was told that my phone is done but I need to pay before I can get it, although they said that they can't start the repair before receiving payment, which I made! I had to go to my bank and draw a statement proving that I paid tree weeks ago.

I send my phone back to jeffreys bay, eastern cape, when I saw that it is not fixed properly and requested that it should be fixed free of charge as it happened to no fault of my own, but the repair center in port elizabeth sent it back saying that I broke it again. But it was never correctly fixed.

When sending my phone back on 15/12/2016, when I noticed that it was not fixed properly, I was told that I need to pay again, which I refused as it was a repair fault. My phone got sent away but the repair center sent it back saying that I broke it again. I waited 3 weeks again until 9/01/2017 because vodacom didn't contact me to say that my phone was sent back.
I was also told that I should keep my battery and back cover with me because they get stolen at the repair center in port elizabeth, eastern cape.

I have been with vodacom since I got my first phone, I enjoy your network, and I do not want to be a difficult customer, but this is unacceptable.

I will send my phone somewhere else to be repaired properly, but I want a full refund on the repair. The phone was not repaired properly.

My phone was booked in different places as I was at university with the first booking and at home with my family with the second booking.

I hope that this can be sorted asap.

Please contact me at my email: [protected] or my cell: [protected]

Kind regards
Tianne-leigh pentz


Jan 10, 2017

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