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Vodacom / reallocation of active business number to a stranger!

1 South Africa

A registered business gets a prepaid cellphone number, has a website set up, business cards printed, etc all with this cellphone number. Distributes details and markets the company but the phone remains quiet - strange.

This phone is to receive calls only and not to make thus never buying airtime (we have 2 other existing contracts with Vodacom dating back to 1994!). We buy data for the cellphone number on 14 July 2018 two days before the company owner goes on an extended business trip. Phone remains switched on but as he uses his other number to make calls, this number stays strangely quiet!

Eventually when we have returned from yet another trip, we go to Vodacom to see what on earth is going on - is there a problem with the sim card or what as we should be getting calls, etc from clients... only for us to be told "sorry, but the number belongs to someone else!"!!!

What the heck? So the data bought (not used) was to expire on 14 September and yet less than a month after this the number was issued to someone else. How does this work?

We have therefore wasted how much time and money with using this specific cellphone number, business cards, business trips, etc in vain!

We therefore DEMAND to have this number returned to us - and as quickly as possible! I don't care whose feet have to be kissed by whoever, but this has cost us thousands and is most certainly not our fault - we are losing money on a daily basis as now clients have this number only to contact us! The consultant at the branch tried to explain "but the phone was not being used to make calls" but that is not the point! As the phone was switched on it should have registered on your system as being active on the network - should it not?

If having a number to receive communication only was an issue, surely a sms should have been sent warning of the pending reallocation of the number, etc??? Or is this how a client of over 24 years can be expected to be treated?

** Complained on HelloPeter and received a response of "reallocation after 120 days of non-use" to which I replied: "Okay - 120 days you say. Then add 120 days from the date we bought data (14 July 2018) takes us to 11 November - correct? Then please explain how the number was reallocated in early October already!?!?!? So either you go against your policies, or someone can seriously NOT count!" - to date I have not had a reply nor response from Vodacom!

Jan 31, 2019

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