Vodacomprevious autopage customer

Gerda Botha - [protected]

I have always been an Autopage customer. Then it appears last year sometime you took over Autopage. I have not received any statements, can not log in anywhere or know when the phone is due for upgrade. The phone's debit order payment goes off monthly from my bank account.

I phoned Vodacom customer care to help me find out what is going on on my account. They cant find me on the system. Then I speak to somebody else. They say I had an account in 2009 which was deleted due to non-payment! I HAVE NEVER HAD A PREVIOUS VODACOM ACCOUNT BEFORE!!! You only took over Autopage last year then!?! I get cut off or transferred back to switchboard. Your service is pathetic to say the least!!!

My query is on my Autopage contract phone [protected]. Please check this and send my details and statement to gerdabotha.[protected]

Thank You.
Gerda Botha

May 19, 2017

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