Vodacompoor customer service - pinelands, vna &a canal walk

I staterted a new contract on May 2 2017 at Vodacom Canal walk CPT.
Since then I've been to three different stores, called to the activations team twice and still no one can advise when my minutes, SMS's and data will take effect.

The activation team advised me to to go in store and when I go in store then they advise me to all the activations team.

I am currently sitting in store again, at Canal Walk CPT and there are several consultants free, not busy with any client what so ever and it took me 34mins to get to see a consultant.

This is really pathetic and please be advised that I will not pay a cent for the month of May as no one has any answers for me and I receive a different story from every store.

The Canal Walk branch advised 24 hours which was supposed to be on May 3.

Then the store at VNA advised May 15. Tonight at Canal Walk they are saying June 1.

I really feel that everyone should receive proper training or customer care should be present until the store closes as each store advised that the customer care person leaves at 5pm daily.

Also, any extra charges like bank charges will not be covered by me as Vodacom is liable and is to take full responsibility as I received close to HALF a service. It's pointless I have this contract at the moment as I still need to buy data and airtime and today I was debited R560.55!!!

My contract is R399 per month + a once off fee of R97.00 for activation. Please advise how you reached an amount of R560.55?

Please have someone who has the proper customer care qualities and product knowledge to all me ASAP to discuss the outcome of this contract.

No payment will be made from me or expected to be taken by Vodacom until I receive a proper service.

Lastly, I'd like to know who is going to pay for my fuel, time and effort trying to get answers regarding my contract??? No one else in ANY store or the activation team seems to give a damn. Please advise managers to be less playful in store as well and laugh at serious matters when customers address them will they similar issues. Everyone blames then next consultant but no one takes the libity to actually check the account for any solutions.

Zuko, at the Canal Walk Store in CPT is the only one who actually logged a case and provided me with a reference number.

The VNA and pine lands Vodacom stores in CPT, advised that they would log a case as well and took my email address along with my cell number to send me the reference number but up until today I have not received anything at all.

I wouldn't like anyone else to have the same, poor customer service, and experience so please see to it ASAP.

The person I dealt with at VNA was Alex, who then passed me on to Roger. Nether has contacted me since May 7 and the same for pinleands Vodacom store.

May 13, 2017

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