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Hi, firstly i wonder if vodacom ever respond to its customer complaints they receive or if they pick one out of one hundred to resolve.Their service is becoming worst and worst. I have been a loyal customer for over 18 years and are finally considering changing service providers because i am fed up now.

Why do vodacom let you dial 111 to get through to customer service but then let you listen to voice prompts after voice prompts after voice prompts.
Why dont they just let you speak to someone in customer service if you requested to do so. Dont try and shift the attempt to speak to someone away by asking you to press this and that after you have already requested to speak to a consultant.

Why is it that i signed up a contract for x amount and to receive x amount of data do vodacom decide if you go over the limit to just allow the bill to run and run. The moment i signed up i would have said its fine or ask me if its fine dont go and do what is in vodacom's best interest...Look at what is in you customer's best interest.

I hope or pray or wish or whatever ...That vodacom will look into my concern and everybody else's concern..You must remember people only complain once they are fed up with service, ., , so clearly vodacom dont care if we complain or not because they have million others who dont complain and will just piggy back on the non complainees to make their mega bucks...
If more customers actually do move on to a different supplier and not just say so to get hurt maybe then vodacom will take note of its paying customers.

I am at my last with them, , , in the beginning they weren't bad, , , they just got worst and worst as time goes by. At the end of each call they want a rating .To do what with, , , no matter how bad you rate their service, , , you never hear from them again...

Dec 05, 2016
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  • Ge
      Dec 06, 2016

    They could not care less. In the same boat here regarding no one making contacting after logging a complaint about my missing data. It miraculously disappeared. According to Vodacom I was on the internet at 4am on Friday morning. Such a joke. Got ref numbers and names and yet no one has called me to resolve. We pay such a lot of money on contracts with them and support is still pathetic. If you want to cancel your contract they also charge you. Cannot deal with this service provider.

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