Vodacom / not able to do calls after sim swap

After having to replace a lost phone, a sim swop needed to be done. This was on Tue 29 Nov. Received my new phone the next day, new sim connected but since then I am unable to make any calls. A message tells me that my service has been suspended.

I notice from reading the listed complaints on this portal, that this is a common problem.

The call centre is completely an embarrasment for a big company like Vodacom. I can go on here, but that for next time.

Today is 7 Dec. Every day I have been calling, sent from one to the other, yet absolutely no progress at all. I have been promised by the Solution section twice that personal attention will be given, the case will be monitored, I will receive a feed back call (even given the estimtaed time of call), but no call on either occassion.

If this problem is not unique, a problem experienced by many others, why does this not get attention? Surely when phoning in, the call centre staff should be ready with advice and solutions. Is there no controls, management, internal communications going on in the call centre?

I have no idea what to do now. I can not do calls and fear the moment when, in a critical or emergancy situation not being able to make any contact. What if I get stranded somewhere at night (accident, vehicle break down, ect)?

I am sceptical now about Vodacom as trusted service provider.

Dec 06, 2016

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