Vodacomno data on data contract 2 months

I signed a new data contract on [protected] to receive 5gig data per month so April 2017 I didn't receive any data as it kept telling me out of data. So I thought maybe I ran out of data so I left the router of for the rest of the month and switched it on on the 02 May 2017 only to find that it still gives me the error of out of data. I phoned Vodacom in April which they said they will phone me back no reply I phoned again in May I think I phoned Vodacom 3 times all of them say they will phone me back one did phone me back and said no feedback she will phone me back on Monday which never happened. They are telling me they cant get the number on there system the contracts where combined I don't know who did that but all I want is my 5gig of data which I have paid for. Which Vodacom wont refund me for the 2 months that I didn't get. So if Vodacom doesn't want to phone me back or help me what must I do

May 09, 2017

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