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Vodacom / no data

1 South Africa

I just had enough now!!!
I have had problems with my phone since 7 October, I cannot access the data on my phone. I have phoned or been in a Vodacom shop everyday sing the 7th October. The problem is NOT with my phone it is on my account. If I put another Sim card in my phone the data works, if I put my sim in another phone that phone's data does not work.

On Thursday night 6 October when I switched my Data on, on my phone the data did not work. The next morning I checked again and still it was not working. I realized I can connect on WiFi when available. So... on 7 October I went to Vodacom at the Langeberg Mall in Mossel Bay. The tried a few things and then said they must Synchronize my settings, I must give it a few hours and switch my phone off then on again. I waited till late that afternoon and still it did not work - BUT now had extra problems. All calls were barred and I did not set it up so obviously did not have a pin for this. Also my CLIP did not work - a service we are forced to pay for.

I had to get to work on the Saturday and could not go back to the Shop. On Sunday 9 Oct I phoned 111 vodacom from another cell phone (since I could not use mine). After explaining the whole story again, again they said the settings must be synchronized and I had to wait 48 hours excluding the Sunday. Again, switched on and off, the call barring was taken off but the data still did not work. They said a sim swap will work.
I then went to Vodacom in Swellendam and explained the story once again, they did a sim Swap (that I had to Pay for obviously).
I had to give it a day again and still not working, AND once again all calls were bared and the CLIP was still not working.

This was a week later... on weekend of 15 October. I phoned 111 again and off course had to explain everything once again. And the answer - they must synchronize the phone... WT[censored] I had to wait 48 hours excluding weekends... they will escalate the matter. The lady from the call center actually stayed in touch for 1 day and after that nothing. I was camping during that week and therefore could not contact vodacom again as I could not call from my phone and was not close to any shops.

On Friday 21 October i phone again from a different phone as I still could not make any calls. By this time I was furious obviously. ONCE AGAIN I had to explain everything all over again. The query I logged this day is still open (1-[protected]) I have phoned everyday since then. NO ONE comes back to me, I have spoken to Supervisors and Call Center Agents in Technical department,
Cancellations and where ever, They all promise te get back to me and no-one does. I get SMS from customer care to answer NO if the issue has not been resolved (4 times) no one phones me back.
I have spoken to people at Cancellations to ask what I must do to cancel and EVERYONE in ALL DEPARTMENTS just keep telling me that the technician is working on the problem, it is in progress.
The Vodacom Shops says I must contact the Call center, they cannot do anything. The Call center says I must go to a vodacom shop. I went to the Customer Care Center in Somerset west. They cannot help me. The latest was that it is a problem in the area I am situated in. HOW DUMB is that argument??? This is a Cell phone, I travel to different areas in a 500km radius - it does not work anywhere!

All I am hearing everyday is they are working on this, what are they working on? Why is no one answering me. How long are they going to work on this before cancelling. I am paying for this service that is non existent?
YOU need to cancel this contract with no cancellation fees. This is a month now.
I deserve an answer!!!

Nov 7, 2016

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