Vodacom / my contract and poor service

Johannesburg, ZA

I have been a client of vodacom for over 14 years. My contract is up and due for an upgrade. I had a look at the contracts available but none suit me. I need a higher data package which you do not offer. For the same price of my current package I could get unlimited everything from telkom or pay less with higher data from afrihost. I word in the fibre industry so I fully understand the need for excess amounts of data. I called and spoke to a consultant in Wednesday last week who said she would forward my request to the price match department (if this even exists) and I would receive communication Withings 48 hours. It is now Tuesday and still no word. I called today and explained my entire situation to some bad person on the other end of the line who then hung up the phone. I called back twice and held in for over 15 minutes each time with no answer from one of your useless consultants.
If this is the way you treat your king standing clients I don't think I want to continue being a client. I want to stay with you but everyday you are making it less appealing. I'm ready to cancel my contract and tell Riley world of your poor service.
My question to you is how you can treat your clients like this when you no longer own a monopoly on the market and further more when a company like telecoms is a quarter of the price.
I truly hope you get your act together and call me in the next 24 hours.

Nov 29, 2016

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