Vodacom / misleading advertising for laptop computer

United States

About 2weeks ago i saw a Laptop and cellphone deal of R199 per month in one of Vodacoms booklets which looked very attractive. the advert shows all the xtra stuff that one gets with the deal and that thers a once-off Sim and connection fee payable which i was well aware of and more then willing to pay. I went into the Vodashop in Stellenbosch to enquire about this deal and as advertised the guy repeated it to me. When i went to sign the deal, i was told to sign a page of an xtra R230 inisiation fee that will be deducted from my account within 48hours after signing the contract.

Seeing that this was a gift to someone close to me i decided to sign the contract bt with the intention of placing a complaint of charges thats not advertised.I feel this is totally wrong of Vodacom to charge fees thats not stated in the advertisement and the salesperson did not tell me about this before i even orderd the laptop.

For several years we have been complaining about the poor signal in our area GPS 25°47.756 E 028°27.298. If i could just get past the faceless system and email a real person then i could send them 25 vodacom subscribers numbers with the same complaint in this area. The customer care line is a joke, when you have finished listening to their excuses and you press 2 for the poor quality the voice recording says can’t understand your selection. The truth is they don’t want to listen to complaints they just want to sell airtime and contracts. Perhaps under the new consumer act we can take them in as a group of 25 consumers ?

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