Vodacom / incorrect upgrading

Pretoria, South Africa
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I have 3 contracts with Vodacom. 1-on my personal number; 2-a contract for my son; 3-data contract (wifi). On 8/5/16 I went to Brooklyn Branch to upgrade my personal number (1). On 13/6/16 I received my statements indicating that the incorrect line i.e. my son's contract (2) has been upgraded and changed from a Top-Up 285s to a Smart L and I am now charged for that. I have not upgraded that contract. They even provided me with the paperwork which is incorrect as I have upgraded my personal contract and my personal contract's telephone number is on the upgrading papers which I signed. I am battling since 13/6/16 to sort this out and now the amount went through my account by debit order. I have already laid a complaint on Hellopeter and I am now at the point that I am going to the newspapers as nobody at Vodacom can sort this out.

Jul 04, 2016

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