Vodacomi'm complaining about the number that was ported without my concern

0n the 16 January 2017 my cell number [protected] was ported to 0616202611with out my concern. I was notified by my bank on the 17 January that I have made changes of my number on my in-contact details because I have ported my number. Then on the 17 January I called Vodacom customer care I talked to Siphokazi she told that my number was ported to cell c but it will be reversed back to after 7days. I called again I talked to Thandi on the 19 January 2017 cause I was really not happy that how can I be told that my number will be reversed to me after seven days yet when it was ported without my concern it was a twinkle of an eye then Thandi said I should wait for 5working days it will be back to me. Now I'm getting a different story of 7days and 5 days. I realised that Vodacom doesn't consider the importance of a number to their clients. I waited still for 7days. Today I called Vodacom enquiring about my number to be reverse I'm told Vodacom is waiting for cell c to reply back to Vodacom. This feedback tells me that Vodacom doesn't take situations serious and which means cell c overpowers you that you have to wait for them yet I'm Vodacom customer not cell c customer. This tells me Vodacom doesn't care whether it loses a service with the client and it doesn't even care how long I have used the number with you Vodacom. Vodacom doesn't even care whether how many things are linked to the cell number. I can be contacted on [protected] [protected].

Jan 24, 2017

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