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Johannesburg, South Africa
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I have been involved in a battle of months (since May 2016) about a free router that was delivered at my address. It was offered as a gift in April 2016 – no payment – after I had told the employee phoning that I am not interested in anything that would cost me money. NOT A WORD was said about the fact that this was the beginning of a 24 month contract. I never agreed to a contract, signed one, etc. Fact is: I have my own router and a contract providing 20 GB data per month and is therefore NOT interested in another router or contract. Furthermore I am a pensioner who lives on a strict budget. I do not enter into deals I cannot afford.

Great was my shock and surprise when I was billed at the end of May/June for "using" this router. A couple of days later I received the next bill to be paid by the end of July. Today I received the bill for the end of August. Once again I was billed for a router I never used or opened – and that was sent back beginning of July.

After a lengthy call (beginning July 2016) to Vodacom explaining this I was told to courier the unopened, unused router back to Umhlanga – which I did the same day (5/6 July). That meant more money: R171. Now I insist on the following:
1. Cancellation of the internet contract – which was not signed or approved by me;
2. Refund for internet services I did not use – from May till August;
3. Rectifying the June, July and August statements where I am once again billed for services I did not use – even after returning the unused router by courier.
4. Refunding me for sending back the router.

Please reply by e-mail. I am hard of hearing and, furthermore, it is highly frustrating to speak to an employee who cannot communicate clearly and audibly in Afrikaans (my preferred language) or English. Such calls are an embarrassment to the caller and receiver.

This is part of an e-mail sent to Vodacom. After seven e-mails to them, only replied by "auto response" no action was taken. One of the replies did add a reference no.: 003S~SCR4.

Philip du Plessis

6 Antoinette Street
Amanda Glen
South Africa

Aug 11, 2016

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