vodacomfraud by vodacom staff

ON 24/1/2017 at 15h15 I received an sms from Orbit Cellular S 7690 operating the Vodacom shop in Lifestyl Cente Kloof Street Garden informing me a new line is being added to my account. I immediately phoned and the lady who answerd said yes my daughter is there. I told her my daughter is not in Cape Town. Next thing the same lady spoke to me in another voice pretending to be somebody else..she then put the phone down. I phoned back and informed the lady to arrest the suspect as Im on my way there.
Whe I arrived at the store i was told by the manager that she is not a security gaurd and cant arrest people. The application was done with my Jan 2017 Vodacom bill ( something I have not even received yet). The appliation was done by a staff member Ralph Burgers ref [protected]. This person is not working in that store for a long time already.
There is video footage in the store that will proof the incident.. Lets see if your fraud departmnet will be doning something.. This is only the 6th fraud case on my account in the past 24 months!!!
I like the fraud departmnet to review the video to see that there never was a person who applied for the account and that this is an inside fraud!!

Jan 24, 2017

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