Vodacom/elite Mobileupgrade delivery and defect exchange

I was phoned by elite mobile on 1 dec 2016 to upgrade - as my vodacom contract was due. I queried the company as I don't know them. They act as a 3rd party that phones on behalf of vodacom in order for me to upgrade.

I did the upgrade, and received a sms that delivery will take place 24 to 96 hours. Through the whole dec I kept contacting them to follow up. They said it is with voda warehouse and will be dispached, the couriers will be in contact.

After christmas I was told there are no stock. I started panicking as I said from the start this is needed for 16 january as it is my daughters birthday and I am upgrading to give the tablet (Alcatel plus 2in 1) to her.

It finally arrived 2nd week of january after alot of struggle. Trying to set up - it needed a micro sim - I was told by elite it is out of their hands now and I should go instore. That was extra costs which no one told me about.In store, the technician could not set up the alcatel tab for me - she said I should go home and do it myself with the manual.

I did it myself to discover that there is a problem with the keyboard - the "k" is over sensitive and only holding your finger over it or typing i, j, l, m it starts to kkkkkkkkkkkkk.. By it self.

I struggled to send it back with numerous calls because vodacom said it is elites responsibility, elite says vodacom... So I did get really angry and impatient at times. On one day 16 calls/transfers and r250 off my telkom cell as the voda sim is cut to micro and unusable at the time...

I was told to give it in to the service department to be fixed - it could take up to 14 days to repair. - but it is a brand new device??

A lady at ram couriers went out of her way to get it picked up, and promised to phone me friday 13 january to give me a delivery nr, then I could have my new device (Replacement) today - 16 january, on my daughters birthday.

Today my calls reached r100, with no one available at ram, (But it is not their responsibility anyways) vodacom keeping me on the line forever, and saying that it is not logged as a replacement - only a collection.

I have never been so disappointed in my life, last week vodacom suggested I cancel the upgrade in total and go in store to upgrade - that will get me a device quicker. Snagg - I will have to pay the admin fee again to vodacom directly. Elite mobile says from their side - it is non refundable.

I wish for today, I could be reimbursed for time, money and effort lost.
I wish to make up for the disappointment caused that my daughter did not get her upgrade as promised for 2 years now?!

Can someone from vodacom just respond, please?
Anita van der merwe
[protected]@live.Co. Za

Jan 15, 2017

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