Vodacom / downgraded from lte to 3g network by vodacom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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On 01 May 2017 I migrated my 2 lines, the Smart M and Smart S to Smart M+ Topup and Smart S+ Topup. I realized that I have been downgraded to the 3G network. Before the migration I was on the LTE network and my devices are Iphone 6+ and Iphone 6.
On 04 May 2017 I called the vodacom customer centre and reported my problem, the consultant activated LTE on my lines and I even received the sms confirmation of the activation. However I was still on the 3G network there was not change.
I called the customer centre again and I was asked questions and told that the problem will be escalated to IT Support because on the system it showed that LTE is activated.
IT Support consultant called and asked questions that I answered but still the problem was not resolved.

I went to the vodacom shop and complained, the consultant said she will do the network synchronization I was asked to switch off the phones for an hour, which I did. Even the network synchronization did not work.
I went back to the vodacom shop and another consultant logged another call for IT Support.
They never called, I then called the customer services again and the consultant told me that my call was closed and she could not understand the resolution that was put on the incident.
She promised to call back yesterday and no one has called back.

I am so frustrated with this disgusting and disappointing lack of quality customer care I am experiencing from vodacom.
I am paying a lot of money for these contracts and I am not getting any value for my money. I have been sent from one unit to another with no positive results.
If vodacom does not value my support and business then I want to cancel these contracts because I cannot pay so much for a horrible old network, experiencing slow network connectivity, at times no network at all and dropped calls.

May 16, 2017

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