Vodacom / did not receive the package that I upgraded for

South Africa

I am very unhappy with the upgrade because I did not receive the product that I upgraded for and I am very disgusted at vodacoms customer service. I spent 3hrs this morning trying to sort out the product that i have received but have been transferred from pillar to post. I had to call in several times and every time I am referred to the online department but they pick the call up and then drop it again or they pick the call up and transfer it to another department.

I feel like canceling this contract because i am a client with mtn for more than 20 yrs and have never experienced a service as bad as this and to think I liked the product that was advertised by vodacom and I could do it online.

My name is Gaynor Matthews
Contact number [protected]

I feel that I need to go back to my old service provider MTN that is very satisfactory as management of vodacom need to up their services in the online department if they want to retain their clients

I dont know what your staff do in the online department because they are not assisting any clients and i am sure if you go to your call logs today you will pick up how many càlls have been dropped without assisting the client.

The last call i made to the online department has been transferred to the activation department without even speaking to the client. The lady in the activation department Patricia Ntuli was very helpful and understanding to my frustration. She even tried to put me through to that department and also experienced that they pick the call up and drop it again. After several attempts she sent an email to that department to contact me regarding my upgrade.

I would like a manager to contact so that I can sort out this matter. At this stage i am not interested in talking to a consultant. I have upgraded to this product for business purposes and need this matter to be sorted ASAP. I am at the verge of reporting vodacoms bad services to all the social medias including Hello Peter and Carte Blanche.

I am totally disgusted in this poor service.

May 14, 2017

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