Vodacomdata query - exorbitant data charges with no explanation from vodacom

On the 31st december 2016 my data suddenly started disappearing. My phone was in my handbag at the time and not being used, by the time I checked my phone I had received and sms to say I have an out of data bill of r 601.00. I turned off my data immediately and phoned vodacom customer care - they were not helpful at all and suggested it is a phone problem! No settings had been changed on my phone and again I reiterate I wasn't even using my phone at the time. The consultant said she would escalate it to the accounts department and someone would get back to me asap. I had spoken to two of my family members who are also vodacom users and the same thing was happening to their data. I also need to add that I had bought and additional 1.25 gb over the 1.25 gb that I get for the month. Needless to say no one phone me back and I had to contact vodacom and be placed on hold for over 20 minutes until I eventually put the phone down. I have since phoned them twice more and each time was told my query is still in progress. I then get and sms this saturday (14th january 2017) to say my query has been closed, no feedback as to what the outcome was. I now phoned the solutions department today (16th january 2017) only to be told that they will not be giving me a credit as I had a data query in july for which they gave me a credit and they only able to give you a credit once in a 12 month period! First of all I have never been informed of that and I was not at fault, if I had been using my phone or changed a setting on my phone then I would pay the bill but I did not. Vodacom hasn't even bothered to investigate where the data was deducted from. On my phone it was from general services which has no relation to any application? It is absolute day light robbery, cause basically if they give you one credit in a year then for the rest of the year they can just do whatever they choose with your data and you must just accept it and and pay for it. I have been a loyal subscriber of vodacom for over 15 years but thankfully my contract is due for renewal in august and I will definitely be looking for a new service provider. I was only asking vodacom to give me a credit for the out of data bundle amount that I was charged unless they could give me solid evidence for what used my data in such a short space of time.

Jan 15, 2017

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