Vodacom / cancellation quotes

I was on a call with Portia from accounts dept, who like others that I spoke to hung up without assisting. I want to cancel my accounts. I was given a premature cancellation quote on the 29th, I was told to pay R7051.28, I went to Vodacom in Gateway, and was told I need to pay over R10 000. They told me part of that money was for my other contract ([protected]) which has been cancelled, I did an upgrade online in Jan and cancelled the upgrade and returned the device but they never cancelled it and now want to rob me. Gateway told me my contract ([protected])is only owing R4434.45, which I paid in store. I have called 111, 0821945, 0821958(zillion times), 0821946, 082 1959, my conclusion is no one is able or willing to assist. I have spoken to A very rude Mpumi(111) on Friday the 11th who was not even willing to assist. I called all these depts again today 13/03/2016, was told I owe over R8000! Part of it includes Money for my other contract which is for an upgrade I did in Jan which I cancelled and returned device in January. I was tolled I need to call online sales, they didn't want to help, upgrades told me accounts should have cancelled the invoice, accounts told me upgrades again.. I want out but they're making it hard. Why is the contract I cancelled in Jan not cancelled, how come 2 and a half months later I'm told there's an invoice out for device and a contract I don't have? . What is the amount Over R4434.45 for, why would the store tell me this would settle my contract and accounts tell me something else? Is this two different companies?. I have asked for an email with details on charges which I did not receive because even they don't know what I'm being charged for. I need someone to deal with this mess and help terminate my dealings with Vodacom I am disgusted at their service.

Mar 13, 2016

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