Vodacom / cancellation of vodacom contracts (4 in total)

South Africa Durban, South Africa
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1. I have submitted a cancellation of contract on17 March 2016 - 1st correspondence on email - no action no contracts cancelled. Vodacom continued to take off money from my account through debit order.
2. I emailed Vodacom again on the 24 June 2016 and asked them to ensure that all contracts are cancelled no correspondence.
3. I get a letter on 10th October 2016 saying that we owe them R R822.20.
4. I emailed Vodacom on the 11th October 2016 again asking them to correct their records and I cannot be held responsible for their incompetence as we moved over to MTN a while back.

This is unacceptable to a consumer as this is ignorance on Vodacom side. I have proof of all correspondence. Now they have blacklisted me - how do I resolve this. Vodacom cannot take advantage of the consumer and behave in this manner. Grateful for some help.

Jan 19, 2017

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