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I have a big problem with Vodacom. I have applied for a cellphone contract on the 13th of January 2017, i was given an Iphone 7 32Gig that has a fault and which was not working well, It took them 3 hours to make the phone came on, other apps were not working and when they try to call it the calls couldnt get through but they still forced to take that phone even though they noticed its not working well. On the 14th of January which is the following day, i returned the phone to the store and ask if they can replace it with the new one because i was told and it was also return on the slip that if i want to exchange or cancel the contract i should do it within 7 days.

I went to the Vodacom store at corner Francis Baard & Du Toit IN Pretoria CBD to exchange the phone, i was told that i cant exchange it because they think the phone its right. However the lady who was helping me she also noticed that the phone it really have a problem because there was something that was shaking and moving inside. I them that why couldn't they give me a new phone and i was advised that once they open an iphone they cant open another one i will have to take that one even if its faulty. I aksed them if i could upgrade to an iphone 7 Plus since that one was not okay they said its not allowed.

Then i asked them to cancel the contract since i was not happy with the service and they told me that they cant cancel it i should call Vodacom customer care. I then call the customer care and i was advised that i will have to pay the cancellation fee.
I then received an email from your customer care with an invoice saying that if i want to cancel the contract i should pay R 13, 661.81 for me which is ridiculous. How can i pay that amount of money for a phone that i didn't use and which was not working well. Could you please advise me why should i pay this money for a phone that was faulty and which i didn't use.

I would like Vodacom to explain to me about the seven days that was written on the slip about exchange and cancellation was for what since i cant be able to cancel my contract. Please note that i am not going to pay R 13, 661.81 for a phone that i didnt use and which was faulty.

I am very disappointed with your service and i am going to open a case with SAPS regarding this matter. For me this is day light robbery and fraud.

Could you please assist me with cancelling my contract without paying that ridiculous money that you are telling me about.

Jan 18, 2017

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