Vodacom / consultants who do not know their work

Yesterday aftrenoon, a consultant from Midrand (Sandy) called me to tell me that I had short-paid my account for the month. I asked him if I could pay the remaining amount at the end of the month with this month's bill and he just said yes. Never explained anything to me. 10 Minutes after talking to him my phone was barred. I called this morning at about 08:26 morning and spoke to a lady by the name of Ntombi, she said there was nothing she could do as it was the system that barred the phone. She said this witha a very lazy and I don't care attitude. Even when I asked her questions, the only answer she could give me is 'there's nothing I can do, its a system that does this'.

Are consultants jobs not supposed to be to help the customers, advise the customers accordingly and answer questions that they may have? I have to say, the service I received from Vodacom was really bad. Not impressed at all. Can soemmone call and explain this to me because I still have have questions which ahve not been answered. The consultant cound not answere them. I aksed Ntombi to ask her manager to call me but don't see that happening.


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