Vodacom and LGphone upgrade and accusations towards client

T Nov 24, 2017

The morning of 23 November 2017 my husband went and collected my cellphone upgrade (LG K10)at the Brooklyn Mall Vodacom. Less than 6 hours later I arrived home after work and opened the box etc, only to find that the copper pins that read the sim card were all bent on this brand new LG phone. My husband immediately took it back to the Brooklyn Mall Vodacom to get an exchange and was accused by "Welcome Buda and Manager" of damaging the phone and trying to give it back. They refused out right and insisted on sending it to their technicians to fix. This is then not considered a new phone, I opened a brand new sealed item and found it to be damaged. I am now forced to pay for a phone that is not new or in working condition as I am now no longer allowed to cancel my subscription with Vodacom as I have already received my upgrade!!!
Vodacom Brooklyn Mall consultants are rude, unfriendly, disrespectful and couldn't care less about their clients.

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