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I have just checked my emails and I placed my order for the FREE TRIAL of Acai Berry Detox and Life Cleanse on 27th July 2009 (that is the date of the confirmation email I received). Like everyone else I paid the 2 lots of £3.95 P+P (by debit card) thinking that was that.

I always look out for those '15 day cooling off period' clauses and if I see it I don't order because being so busy things like that can get forgotten about - but I couldn't see anything like that and I thought I could trust it as it was a huge animated advert on MSN Hotmail, there wasn't any mention of the astronomical original price either so I went ahead and placed the order.

The orders arrived whilst I was on holiday and I thought no more of it. To be honest, I didn't open them immediately and have only actually taken 1 dose of each type because just taking that gave me tummy ache so I left the rest but you think 'well it's worth trying' don't you and you haven't lost too much ... that was until today.

I came home to find 2 packages that I didn't order and when I opened them my heart sank. Each one was accompanied by an invoice / receipt for £82.95. I immediately phoned the UK Toll free number and spoke to a lady I could hardly understand. I told her I was incredibly angry that this huge amount had been taken without my consent - her reply was that I should have read the terms and conditions.

I said I didn't actually remember the terms and conditions being pointed out to me or made clear and she said she would cancel my account. I said to her twice "so I will be fully refunded almost £166 won't I" and was told I would be and I would also be sent an cancellation confirmation email in the next 72 hours. I'm waiting to see what it says.

I phoned Consumer Direct who weren't particularly helpful ... who's side are they on ! I also phoned my bank to see if the money had been taken from the account. I was told that monies were earmarked but they couldn't tell me to who they were going until they have gone out/been claimed which I think is an absolutely ridiculous way of dealing with things. So, it seems that I will just have to wait and go through what everyone else has gone through but I will certainly never buy anything like this again.

I feel sick, stupid and very upset.


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      Jan 08, 2010

    Here is my story. Saw the offer. Understood it. Got the trial. Called the number on my bank statement (+ 44 [protected]) a couple of weeks later and...canceled. I know that probably won't make any headlines but that's it.

    It took 30 seconds before an available agent answered the phone. I didn't wait that long to reach them on the phone and it didn`t cost me a cent.

    All I can do is recommend that you do the same.

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