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I recently phoned the free phone number in order to find out why virgin had been overcharging me for 4 months when I eventually got an adviser they explained there had been a mistake and he would refund the charges in my next bill, he then advised me that I should have the large tv bundle as they no longer do the medium one, we discussed possible changes but I never agreed to anything. 2 days later I get a letter from Virgin thanking me for taking up a new 12m contract (fuming), I phoned to cancel all services and was left on a machine for 39 minutes, I then hung up but will be cancel via letter!

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  • Mr
      Sep 10, 2007

    If you are looking for broadband, tv, phone & mobile??? Definitely VIRGIN is not the place to go. They claim to be cheaper than any other provider but as prices, their services is cheaper than anything.

    If you got problem while with virgin?? then it is big problem because they have no one to look after customers problems, what a shame!!! You will go everywhere with your problem but you won't get solution, that's FACT. Customer care staff, supervisor, manager, installer and all, they are getting well paid for their job which they suppose to do but no one cares really.

    It's like too many chefs in kitchen makes cooking worst!!! same they making ''Virgin'' a total shamble... looser. In short, do not even think to join virgin. better to pay bit more & get hassle free services.

    Why I'm giving advise?? Because I have personal experience and would not want any one to go where I've been through, it's hell.

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  • Je
      Nov 02, 2007

    Strongly agree with you. Worst service ever!

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  • An
      Jul 20, 2008

    I could not agree more! In February 2008 I ordered Virgin broadband which was supposed to be installed within 10 days. When I called to inquire the engineer's visit the person informed me that actually it will be around 3 weeks or more as there is no engineer available in my area. I am sharing a house with friends who are studying and need to use the internet frequently. I discussed it with them and we decided to cancel the order and switch to BT ( internet in 3 days). At this point I thought that everything was right. As you read in Virgin terms and conditions you can cancel the service up to two weeks after the INSTALLATION. I cancelled few days after ordering so nothing ever was installed, I have never received a router, there was no engineer, I have not used a single byte of Virgin broadband but to my surprise my account WAS DEBITED £18 for NOTHING!!! I was happy to cancel the direct debit ( I even received the letter from Virgin media asking why - WHAT A MESS!!!) but initial payment was already taken. It was a theft as I paid for something I never used. I started calling Virgin media and bank ( spending around 45 min to get through).
    Virging media advised me that I should fill in Indemnity Claim and money will be transferred within few days back into my account. When I called the bank they did not know about the form, wanted the details of the Virgin media customer advisor. I called Virgin media but they said they cannot provide any personal details or extension numbers. Eventually I went to bank in person on 22nd of MAY 2008 where the customer service person called Virgin media on my behalf ( not to mention that he could not find Indemnity Claim in the bank intranet either!!! but at least tried to be helpful). I occurred that filling the form does not result in a few days' waiting time. In this case I agreed with the Virgin media customer service person that I will be sent a cheque within 28 DAYS. She used this language from customer service courses that makes me sick "Yes, I agree. Yes, it was not correct. I am really sorry (REALLY?). It will be sorted shortly (WILL IT?), etc". IT IS 20th of JULY (TWO MONTHS!!!) and I have not seen my money...It has been FIVE MONTHS. Now I know how they make a profit. Stealing. Many people give up all the hassle of chasing £18 but I will not. Just because I do not like to be ripped off. NEVER SIGN A DIRECT DEBIT WITH VIRGIN!

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  • Ke
      Jan 21, 2014

    In 2012/2013 signed a contract with virgin media for internet broadband but I can only say their services are the WORST I have ever subscribed to. Every time, I had a problem with my internet I would call them and then they would say I would be charged to resolve the problem. Not until I would insist that the problem was theirs so they should honour it. For example, sometimes I would have technical problems with a router, signal failure and so on. Very often when I called them no one seemed to take responsibility of my queries only to be transferred from one department to another, put on hold for long times and in some cases they would hung up on me.

    In the middle of my contract Virgin media decided to increase my monthly payments without even letting me know about it. I only found out when my bank statements came to my address. I called them and wanted to cancel the contract but they quoted me a figure which was unreasonably so high.
    I decided to wait until the end of my contract. As if that was not enough, at the end of my contract they sent me bill which was three times my monthly payment. So I called them again to explain to me why I have to pay all these hidden charges but one of them told me that these figures are generated by computer systems and would not comment on them any further. I deeply regretted why I used Virgin Media.

    Unlike for financial institutions where one can complain to financial ombudsman, telecommunication companies get away with all unsatisfactory experiences of their customers that not only cause financial distress to them, but also end up negatively impacting their credit worthiness.

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