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Virgin Media / Totally rubbish organization!

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Perhaps it will never be estimated the amount of nerves and time lost and the stress relived while trying to get Virgin Media broadband and TV package repaired. About five (!) weeks ago suddenly the internet connection disappeared and cable TV as well. So, I called to Virgin Media to inform them about the problem. It took about 40 minutes to get a response. The adviser that responded said that he will book a technician to come. It would take one week. That means, next week, Tuesday. One week without internet, living in the UK, where almost everything is done online, is not too bad yet, as you can 'smell' from the Virgins attitude. Wel, it is true, there are billions of people in our planet that have never heard of internet. However, the story didn't finish here. When came the day for the technician to arrive, nobody came. So, I called again to the Virgin. Guess what. Again after a tiring 25 minutes on the phone finely someone picked it up, and when asked what happened to the technician, told that the booking was canceled. Why? Because someone from my side canceled it. Thats complete rubbish. Ok, the adviser then told me, sorry about that, we can book a technician for next Tuesday. Second week without internet. I have to pay all my bills, and to do some work there, as well as all my connections with my family and friends are on internet. Even that cable TV, which can be relaxing after a hard day of work, is 'dead' now. Ok, there was nothing else to do, I would wait one week more. When the next Tuesday came, again, there was no signs of any technician. I called back to Virgin to see what is happening. Needless to mention the exhausting half an hour or so waiting on the phone again, finally someone answered. I asked where is the technician? To which I was answered that the booking for technician to come was canceled again. By who? The adviser could not explain very clearly. However, she apologized and suggested I booked a new booking for the next week, Wednesday. I felt it was pointless to continue explaining or arguing to this adviser, as she was clearly just an ordinary worker doing her job. Te guilty people are somewhere there in the upper offices.

So, I was forced to wait a third week. When the next Wednesday was approaching, it was Tuesday, and I decided to call beforehand just to check the exact hour the technician will be arriving. Again it took about 20 minutes to contact anyone, just to be told again...sorry, the booking was canceled, and nobody is going to come on Wednesday, the next day. But we can book the technician for the next week, she said. Fourth week!!! Guess what? I waited the fourth week, until the next Wednesday. It was yesterday, the 27th of June. And nobody came again. And I called to the Virgin again, to ask what has happened this time. Th adviser responded after some half an hour of waiting on the phone. He told that the booking was... canceled again. Why? Because it appears that they (Virgin technical staff) checked the details of my booking and found that it was booked regarding the Virgin Media cable TV box failure, and because they checked it via online (somehow), they decided that it was ok. So they decided to cancel the booking.

Now that is a complete rubbish. Incredible. I can't believe all this that is happening. It is already beyond my ability to cope with my anger. Today, I called back to the Virgin Media. The adviser said he will book a technician for Monday, 2nd of July. But who can believe he would come? I don't anymore. On Monday it will be five weeks already. And very likely the service won't be repaired again. Today I am writing a complaint to Virgin Media, and if they won't take any action and compensations for the time lost, bills paid, and phone costs, I will do all my best to go to other institutions to proceed with my complaint. Even if to the court if the need be. I am appalled at the Virgin Media. the worst service ever. I have experienced similar difficulties with some other internet providers. But not to this extent. I am quiting it as soon as possible and will tell my story to all the people I meet on my way what intend to join Virgin. Don't do it.

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  • Sk
      23rd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    ### of to iraq you downs syndrome ###... fix the ### yourself...go to the green cab in the street smash the ### open and connect your cunting cable back up you ###ing lazy ### head...ohhh noo my tv has gone ! If i had my way I would just rape your rectum with a large cucumer then smash your cunting head through your ### 21"inch alba you saggy [censored]g!

  • Sk
      23rd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I would like to aplogise for the previous comments made, im afraid i suffer with split personalitys, but seriously you should just smash the cunting cab open, or maybe you need a repull, or better still maybe you just need to ### offff back to that cunting hole you came from...ohh godd im sorry there it goes again!! I had better leave here now before i upset you anymore.

    Once again apologies !


  • Ca
      30th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    well i dont agree with what you say on here because thats never happend and virgin are a vry good company, they got a lot of stick with the change over from telewest / ntl but if you have a problem yeah sometimes you have to wait a week but if they cancled it off they have a priorty service or somthing so if they cancled it they wouldnt make you a second or even a third week, i understand its fustating to have to wait a week but you chat bull ### with what you say, get a life pal

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