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To whom this may concern my name is Fundiswa Noxolo Magwaza, I have just returned to Virgin Active and activated my membership last week. Before that I joined Virgin Active in 2013 October. 6th consulted by Aneeran Govender... at the time my joining fee was 99 and my contract was 269 rand per month for 12 months on debit order - at the time I was a student and was working part-time when things didn't work out financially, I asked a consultant of Virgin Active to freeze my account! (I just wish I had remembered the name of the person I spoke to) but I do remember it was around April 2014 when I left virgin active... I knew I had to freeze my account instead of cancelling it, because I had signed a legal document which stated that if I cancelled before the 6/12/2014 a cancellation fee is payable which I could not afford at the time as I was a student (once again) on a student limited membership. I wanted to return to Virgin Active because Virgin Active is the only do I trust and the only one I'm comfortable and I feel is suitable for me... finding out that I'm owing a amount of 1000 rand at Virgin Active was a bit of a shock as I thought my account was frozen but I have been away for quite some time as it is 2017 now, I understand that people do make mistakes and I guess my biggest mistake was not following through as I had asked for my account to be Frozen (I should have sent an email or some form of document asking for my account to be Frozen so that I would have proof) moving forward I do not mind paying what has been said that I am owing, however I do advise that the customer service in the near future would be better than what I had experienced. It has just been a week since I rejoin Virgin Active. I have not been to gym as yet to actually work out, but within a period of 2 days, my stepfather received about 3 phonecalls from your Consultants telling him that I owe an outstanding fee of R1000 which needed to be paid urgently. The point is when I rejoined I had made an arrangement with a consultant named Pumlani (who helped me with my new contract ) that I will be given a 50% off if I would be able to pay the money the next day, which I was not able to. So in my new contract i put my mother Zanele as my next of kin and gave my home landline number [protected]. my concern is how come the consultants contacted my stepfather, as well as my young sister which I did not even give those details, but was not contacted on the details I had given.
NOTE: That has caused a huge Family Feud.
Without giving too much personal details, a few days ago I received a call from Pumlani himself who consulted me went I rejoined letting me know that if I was not going to pay the outstanding fees which I'm due to pay within the 7 days of joining my membership would be cancelled and I would have to re-register or rejoin again if I wanted to come to gym, so I would just like to say that I'm willing to pay the fees I am said to be owing but I can only pay it on the 16th of October as cash payment but I would be glad if my membership is already cancelled (without any charges) because I don't think I still want to be with Virgin Active after this experience. I still believe that Virgin Active is one of the best gyms and would consider it to anyone. I hope this gets to the manager at the Atrium-overport.

Sep 18, 2017

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