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Vidanta Truly The Scam of Scams

As stated in my previous post here the organization known as the Vida Vacation has decided to support the lying and sleazy tactics of the Riviera Maya Sales Team. I have been ripped-off! They used a system of lies and deceit to defraud me of $54, 000. It was all about the rental promises and the fraudulent way in which the took my old timeshares.

I'm pushing 70 yrs old, I have explained how it was done to their customer service people and they just don't give a damn! I fell for their lies because it was so well orchestrated, and I'm not alone. There is a long trail of Vidanta victims who got screwed by the criminals disguised as sales people at Vidanta..

The fact that Ownership allows such tactics can only mean they sanction them.

Rob G

Jan 29, 2015
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  • Pi
      Aug 24, 2015

    They also have lured me. Did you pay them upront?

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  • Pi
      Sep 07, 2015

    The complaint has been "satisfactorily resolved"!

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  • Ma
      Mar 02, 2016

    It is always best to hire someone skilled to do so, unfortunately in most cases these companies dedicated to cancel timeshares usually cheat for the second time to their customers since they are vulnerable and desperate. If you are thinking of hiring them you just have to make sure you do not have to make any payment upfront ... I found these articles that speak precisely about this, you should read them, that might help you to resolve many doubts:

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