VerizonWireless / contract ending date

Verizon Wireless is a crook. I have been a loyal customer for the past decade. I recently ended my contract with them and switched to a monthly service with Boostmobile. They charged me an early termination fee saying that the date i upgraded the last phone was the official contract ending date and the date on the online log in was just for eligibility to upgrade new phone. What kind of crap is that ?
I didnt updated my phone til 4 months later the last time and picked the simpliest flip phone. Now they go by that date to end my contract which extended another 4months...
That doesn't make me happy at all by this little twist in the contract. So i get charged early termination fee for it. I called and complaint and no one seems to get my point. If I waited 4 months after my contract ends to get a new /free phone, why should it extend another 4 months on the initial contract ???

Not signing another contract with anyone ever again. A bunch of crooks.

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