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Verizon Wiresles / calling card high-jacking rip-off

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Contact information:
Verizon Wireless
Phone: 443-223-9892
Adjusted Report for web exposure: This involves Verizon stealing by diverting my international calls from my onesuite.com calling card, charging me for those calls with out my knowledge or consent & prior slamming, & switching service by deceiving me & charging me forcing me to pay for false charges that I did not incur and / or understand, they would not explain clearly, threatening to cut me off if I do not pay. Ver says they do not support Calling Cards, which is a lie because my calling card worked on my Verizon Wireless Phone for years, my Calling Card online call history shows years of my cell phone # and destination #s being charged through the calling card. I changed my Verizon Wireless plan to the $99.00 unlimited plan, then right almost exactly after when Verizon Wireless recognized that they would not be able to rip me off on slamming me with minutes it attacked me by high-jacking my calling card instead. Onesuite.com customer service, with whom I have email correspondence, tells me they are aware of their Verizon customers having the same problem, but are not willing to take action against Verizon Wireless or assist me, but I received stonewalling. We want them to pay attention and cure this problem with us because it affects their customers and bottom line too. They tell me that Verizon Wireless is disconnecting me from Onesuite.com and picking up and completing my calls to Russia, from Onesuite.com access number, [protected], Onesuite.com customer service number is [protected]. I sent this complaint to the FCC to review my entire Verizon billing history and force Verizon to refund any deceptive or hidden charges that were unearned or stolen. FCC took my complaint online and has not gotten back to me yet I believe as they are overwhelmed due to personal cutbacks. I am sure FCC is aware of the dishonest practices that are Verizon’s standard way of doing business. It is incredible that a company as large as Verizon Wireless can hire a regimen of employees, made up of human beings that are not only trained to steal, lie, cheat and rip-off its clients, but that they are so eager and willing to do it, over and over again on a daily basis. It makes one wonder what kind of parents these people had. Anyone else who has experienced this high jacking by Verizon Wireless please come forward and let’s create a website displaying Verizon Wireless’ behavior.


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A  3rd of Apr, 2009 by 
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Verizon service sucks! I'm also a victim of Verizon malpractice of disconnecting my call from Onesuite and connecting it to their own system. It happened about 5 times in a month and when Verizon won't take back the charges I decided to pull the plug from them. I'm using T-mobile now and so far they haven't hijack my calls from Onesuite yet.
A  4th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Looks like Verizon has a knack of stealing customers from Onesuite. I thought mine was an isolated case and I got 3 overseas charges from Verizon even though I dialed Onesuite access first before I dialed the destination number from my mobile phone. This was December 2008, it neve happened again but I also seldom use my mobile again for Onesuite. I'm gonna switch mobile phone provider as soon as my plan from Verizon expires.
A  5th of Dec, 2009 by 
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Alas Verizon never change its practice of high jacking calls from a calling card. I bought $5 phone card from a convenience store to make a quick call to my folks in China last month and we got cut off after a 5 minutes so I called again and my 2nd call lasted about 15 minutes. I was surprised to see a $75 charge on my Verizon bill. I complained to Verizon but to no avail.

Today, I've read about Verizon malpractice of charging $2 on customers for no apparent reason.

Check this link http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/105804

Verizon sucks!

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