Verizon Wireless / service termination-hosed on way out the door

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In the process of changing cell phone carriers, I suspended my service with Verizon on my monthly billing cycle date, so I would not get charged for another month's service. When I suspended my Verizon service, the customer service rep said my initial advance deposit would cover the last month's service and I would be even. The next day I ported my number to my new cell phone carrier. A few days later, I get a bill from Verizon for $18.58. When I called customer service they said, oh, you have to pay for putting your phone on suspended service. I explained that I did not agree to this, and nowhere in their website, nor did anyone at Verizon customer service mention a word about a charge to suspend service. This is just another slippery Verizon billing trick so characteristic of their deceptive billing tactics. Sadly, much of corporate America uses this strategy of accidentally on purpose leaving out the billing details until the deal is made. They then use a labyrinth of time wasting voice response systems coupled with powerless talking head customer service representatives until you eventually give up. Moral to the story, get somebody else besides Verizon.

If you want to bypass the slight of hand chicanery so characteristic of cell phone carriers, buy an unlocked GSM phone on Amazon, with a SIM card slot and go prepaid. Dont sign up for another overpriced two year contract!! This is what most people in Europe do. Europeans aren't nearly so quick to buy into this "FREE PHONE" nonsense that the American cellphone oligopoly crams down our throats. In turn, the Europeans pay a lot less for total cellphone service than we do in the US. Friends, there ain't no FREE LUNCH. Remember the mortgage companies telling you that you don't want to tie up your own precious money, use theirs?? Yeah, right.

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      Jul 06, 2011

    You haven't been told any false information. Suspending your service doesn't mean you don't have to pay for it. That $18.58 is a prorated amount that you didn't have to initially pay for your suspension without pay, but when you un-suspend your service (or in your case cancel) that time you were suspended without billing shows up on your next bill. There is no charge for putting your phone on suspension. Get your facts straight before you start ranting about how europe is great and the US sucks. If that's enough to get you on a rant like that then get out of here. we don't want you here anyway.

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