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Verizon Wireless / terrible store customer service

1 Hwy 153Hixson, TN, United States Review updated:

This store has the worst customer service! you have to wait forever then you get the privilege of dealing with rude clerks in the tech support area. I took a phone back 4 times to get it replaced. the # old grumpy male tech was going to exchange it out for another one and had started the process then rudely accused me of getting it wet. when he came back he claimed the phone had been wet and the warranty was voided and they couldn’t do anything. I don’t know what this jerk and miles the manager did to the phone but obvisously it was exchangable at the tech desk. miles said he would do me a favor and offer me another phone at a 1yr price, hahaha. I called the vzw 800 number and spoke with a supervisor who valued my business and offered to replace the phone free of charge or allow toward a different phone.

This store has an attitude problem, in today’s economy they should be greatful for us customers instead of prancing around like they are on top of the world. their world can crash tomorrow too like many retailers! miles the manager had a good time going around telling all the other mgrs and employees about me while I was on the call with the 800 number. they would look at me and talk, laugh, shake their heads, etc… the female mgr there needs and attitude check, she thinks she’s god’s gift to the world, she needs to look in the mirror before she leaves her home and loose some fat! with attitudes and service like these idiots hand out at this store I will laugh the day I drive by and see that store closed. these managers will be scratching their butts wondering why it closed! idiots!!!

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  • Ja
      15th of May, 2009
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    Verizon store in the York Galleria mall in York, PA is EXACTLY the same! The managers stand around and watch... they can't possibly HELP customers... they are far too important. they need to "supervise". I bought a new phone and when I asked the guy behind the counter a question about set up, he told me I had to call Verizon customer service... I said, "I thought you WERE Verizon customer service!" I had to call the 800# for help while standing in the Verizon store. And they ALWAYS screw up my account information... I've never been in there that they haven't messed up my account.

  • Fl
      26th of May, 2009
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    I can't disagree more. As far as the first idiot goes, there are stickers in your phone. When the phone gets WET THEY TURN RED! There is no if's ands or but's about it. I used to work in the cell industry and almost EVERY customer "doesn't know how there phone got wet. What a crock of ###. I usually gave people the benefit of the doubt...but if they were acting like an ### like you seem to have then it's over. Why can't you just treat people with respect jerk. Why was the man grumpy? probably because he has had to deal with a bunch of ###s like yourself! The second person is quite a laugh. Give me a break. Everytime. I don't believe it. On efinal thought. Why is it that ANYONE I know in the industry still has NO problems with their phones for the life of contracts? I just think most cellular customers are jerks and really have no clue why there phones do what they do. I would try and explain why the issue was and most of the time the JERK standing in front of me just wanted the phone replaced. I think maybe YOU went back 4 times because YOU really have no clue and did not want to listen to the tech. Get a life

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