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The number of bars/reception was low in my area but in the past few months has gone to where I can no longer receive or make text messages and or calls. I called their customer service line and was told that my area was not considered a "problem" area in spite of the fact that you can't get any reception. They said they would look into it and get back to me within 24 hrs. Within 24 hrs I received a text message stating they were "working on it" on it would be resolved in 24-48 hrs. One day later I got a similar text (received outside my area) that stated they were just about complete and it would be just 24-48 hours longer, then nothing - for 12 days! On the 12th day I called Verizon who started the whole "what seems to be the problem" as if I had never registered the ticket. I went through no less than 12 operators, was disconnected and spent nearly 3 hrs going around and around. I gave them the ticket number and from the first person, asked what the resolution was. The first person told me they were "still working on it". By the time I got the 10th person they told me they would need to transfer me yet again to the people that handle escalations of tickets. The operator told me the wait time was high and that they would call back within 10 minutes.

15 minutes later I received an automated text message that asked if I was the person who had left the message to call back. When I said yes, the autobot said "We're sorry we were able to reach you we will try again some other time". 10 minutes later I received the same message and spoke loudly saying yes, it was me, only to receive the same result "We're sorry we weren't able to reach you...".

By now I was fuming and called the customer service line and explained what had happened and the operator instructed me that the ticket that was open and unresolved when I called earlier had been resolved but could not tell me how. I asked when did I get notice of the closing and she replied, we tried to reach you but you weren't there (referring to the autobot call). When I asked for the resolution, ashe told me she couldn't tell me that she didn't have access to the information but would transfer me to a supervisor. 49 minutes later I got a "supervisor" who told me the ticket was closed and that the resolution was for me to spend $200 on a booster for my home. I know that solution dosent work and explained to him that if I were to go to the Verizon store 1 mile west of me, that has a booster, you still can't make a call! Imagine if your power company cut half the power in your house then told you it would cost 200 buck to get the rest of the power - its called extortion! The Verizon stor said that they new it was an issue and that all you can do is complain enough and get enough people to complain and then they will put up a new tower - great way to do business guys.

Jul 2, 2015
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      2nd of Jul, 2015

    I have a Verizon cell extender and live in an area where there is no service, we are in a rural area with tons of trees around our house and neighborhood in Washington State and our extender works like a charm, it's needs to be put in a window which I bet that store doesn't have theirs in. I advise you to keep complaining and ask them to give you an extender at no cost, tell them you love their service can't see yourself going to any other cell company, and that you have put plenty of tickets in about no service, you pay good money to be their customer, now if they no they are required to let you out of your contract for free when you don't have service you are paying for a service you don't receive, so tell them you want out of your contract without the early cancelation fee (if that is an option for you) but I would try the extender in your home it does work.

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