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I have had a terrible experience dealing with Verizon and I think people should know about this. They misdirected me about getting a free phone--told me it would not involve adding another line to line I already had. I received bills, had to send the phone back, was told it would be taken care of and more than three months later I was still receiving bills and getting threatening phone calls from their collections department. I had to spend many hours on the phone and in their store (you always wait in a line, no matter how simple the matter, as in buying an ear bud)getting the run around and having supervisors tell me there is nothing they can do or no way to reach their supervisor. I finally told them I wanted out of the contract with no early termination fee b/c I was sick of dealing with them. It took a lot of anger and yelling to make that happen. It should never have been that way at all.

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  • Va
      7th of Nov, 2008

    I have came into the Verizon store multiple times in the past year and been helped by a man named Chris. Every time I have gone in there it has been the worst consumer experience I have ever had! Each time I have came in with an easily fixed problem (I've come to find out later) and he has told me there is no way he or Verizon can help me. He is rude and refuses to help customers. I have tried to get in touch with the store manager to complain, and they never answer the store phone. I ended up calling customer service and filing a complaint. One of the times, he told me I would have to call technical support and request a new phone be mailed to me. I got very upset, since I'd only gotten the phone 2 weeks before, and on my way out another employee noticed how distressed I was. He immediately took me aside and got me a new phone within minutes, for no charge. This was because I was still under warranty, and Chris didn't even care to find this out. The next time I came in I was forced to be helped by Chris again, having difficulties fixing my volume settings on my phone. After making me stand around for 2 hours, he told me there was "nothing he could do." He sent me on my way, yet again acting very rude. I ended up finding out later from a friend that there was a simple option in the phone menu that had to be changed to fix my problem. The third time I went in for help I requested to NOT be helped by Chris, and yet again he was the only representative available! My phone was freezing and not showing me my missed calls or text messages. He YET AGAIN told me he could not help me and that I needed to go home and download a software update, and if that didn't fix it I would need a new phone. Frustrated, I gave up and didn't use my phone (it's a Blackberry Pearl) for several months. Finally I gave in and got on Verizon's website to download this upgrade. Since I couldn't find it, I called technical support. The nice man on the phone told me all I had to do was clear the cookies from my phone memory!! I have tried many times to go to the verizon website to find a place to share complaints, but to no avail. Also, when you call the customer service helpline, it is impossible to find a person to report problems with representatives to. No one from Verizon seems to care at all when a customer has problems with their employees. As soon as I can, I am planning on changing my (and my family's) phone service to a different company.

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  • Gr
      5th of Jan, 2009

    We upgraded our phone on line because they were $75.00 cheaper than the verizon stores we went to.I have been with them for about eight years now.

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  • Ve
      17th of Oct, 2009

    I am among the thousands of unhappy Verizon Wireless customers. Recieved a Blackberry Storm by mail. Activated by an in store representative, only to later find out that I was being billed for a Data Plan subscription that I was not informed of beforehand, and that I did not accept. Attempted to return the phone numerous times, and have dealt with Customer Care a half a dozen times. Its been 8 months.

    Finally I discovered how to reach the Executive Relations team at Verizon Wireless. They are the only ones who can help resolve your problem, short of having an attorney contact them. BTW, I subscribe to Pre-Paid Legal for $35 a month, and their attorneys at no additional charge, will contact Verizon Wireless. Find me on .

    Share your experiences online and then email me at verizon.[protected] . I will forward you important contact information to reach the real decision makers at Verizon Wireless, the Executive Relations team.

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  • Rh
      19th of Dec, 2009

    Verizon Wireless in only concerned with thier bottom line. Verizon wireless has the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

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  • Mi
      11th of Jan, 2010

    After 11pm I got crank call on my cell which came in as "restricted" call, thing is I shouldn't have to pay for this call or Verizon should have to tell me who placed the call so I can take-up some action against them for costing me the airtime.

    Can't seem to get it through those idiots at Verizon that if I'm your so-called valued customer why in hells name would you subject me to "restricted" calls that eat up my airtime that I'm paying you good money for - - well that's where enough is enough and I think I could easily convince a US District court judge that Verizon has a fiduciary obligation that supercedes our contractual agreement and file a class action suit against you for thia and future losses and earnings.. You may want to run this one past your attorney and get back with me because I'm not taking this ### any more..

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  • La
      27th of Feb, 2010

    You state the call took place at 11PM, if this is the case you were not charged anything. All calls after 9PM are free. So none of your airtime that I'm paying you good money for" was affected. So before you go and "pay good money" for your attorney, you may want to take a minute to understand your plan

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  • Th
      7th of Jul, 2010

    I have had the same phone number since 1994 back when it was Centel. It went from Centel to alltel to verizon, back to alltel then finally to Verizon. I have spent over $40, 000 on cell phones and cellular service. I am a self employed individual and have had my ups and downs. Regardless of my ups and downs, I have always paid my cellular phone bill. When it was Alltel, I always received excellent service and they understood the ups and downs of being a small business. They never dinged me or made it hard for me and sometimes they would run my service two months before I payed it. They ALWAYS gave me a courtesy call about my bill and I always payed the full amount due. Back in July of 2009, having heard that verizon was taking over alltel, I called Verizon and inquired about what was coming. I specifically talked about my feelings and how I operate and wanted to know if I was going to be a name or just another number when Verizon took over. They told me that it wouldn't change and that they wanted me to stay because, with my service history, I was a valued customer. HOGWASH!
    My problems started with service, it started degrading and I called about it- their excuse was that I still had an Alltel phone, or still has an Alltel number- blah blah blah... they kept giving me excuse after excuse until they had me completely in their vise.. ALL Verizon... thats when they screwed me.
    Back in December of 2009, I decided to go to a storm2 from my BB curve 833o- I had everything done and when it came time to complete the transaction, they informed me that I would have to pay the $500 plus because my account had been blacklisted and I would not be able to charge it to my account. I asked why and they researched it and said that my phone had been shut off back in september of 2009. I asked for how long and they said 20 minutes or so... WOW- I asked if they recieved payment and they said yes- they recieved it immediately the same day, within minutes.
    I then set up a scenario for them: Here I am, a customer with over 10 years (15 to be exact) of loyal service, Over $40, 000 spent on cellular service and equipment, ALWAYS paid every penny, NOT under contract- WILLING to commit to another TWO YEARS of GUARANTEED MONEY... and were they willing to sacrifice that for a stupid little incident after 10 plus years of loyalty... they DIDNT CARE- so I left.
    I called verizon that night and started turning off ALL service except my main number I've had for all these years. I told them that wasnt getting shut off until I could port it over elsewhere. Folks, I am a single person and I pay over $240 per month to verizon- I have a DROID, AIRCARD, and a second phone for the grandparents.
    The regional manager called me the next day and told me he couldnt get the blackmark off my record and that it would stay for six months- but if I would come in to the local store, he'd make it right- I did, and he did. He worked with me on the equipment and I stayed- And I dumbly kept all my services...
    The last straw is that in May of 2010- My bank returned a $600 plus payment to verizon by mistake- As soon as I received a text message from verizon that my payment had been declined- I resubmitted it from my phone using the 'my verizon' app and it went through. They got their money immediately on the second go round.
    The next time I tried to pay my bill using the phone, I was told that I can no longer do so and that the only way I can pay my bill is CASH ONLY and only at a local store- I was told that in order for me to resolve the cash only terms- that my bank would have to submit something on official letterhead to verizon's TREASURY DEPT. stating that it was their mistake- then the TREASURY Department would reverse their actions... My banker did... and THEY DIDNT.
    SO, now here I sit- with a $517 bill due... verizon has sent me a text saying that my service will soon be interupted because of non-payment... I guess I now realize that I am a friggin number and that 15 years of loyalty means jack ###.
    Side Note**** I also have had an aircard for 3 or 4 years that has never averaged over 50kb/sec at home. I started complaining to alltel as soon as I got it and it was always a different story- they tried several aircards and whenever I'd call in, the tech would work some keyboard magic and my service would improve some, only to degrade within 24 hrs. After Verizon pirated over- they continued the same dog and pony show. They DID send a tech out to my area, but wouldnt tell me when he'd come and that he couldnt come to my home to see my equipment and its performance... LUCKY ME, I just happened to be home and saw him, so after I approached him, he identified himself. We stood on the side of the road and talked for 2 hrs or more. He did show me where I was using a tower 1.8 miles away and that it couldnt handle the data demands and that it hadnt been upgraded since 2004. I've only had a card since 2007 or 2008- so that means I was lied to when I initially got the card.
    He did tell me that Verizon would have to spend approximately $260, 000, 000 in the area to bring it up to speed.
    Whenever I called verizon to see what they were gonna do about my issue- the 'supervisor' s only ultimate alternative was that if I was unhappy then I could cancel my service... SO- here I am with over three years of not getting what I paid for- I was strung along with promise after promise- I paid out over $3000 for broadband performance I was promised but never got.. and they said I could cancel my service. I asked to be taken higher than the supervisor and was told that wasnt possible...

    Does anybody know a good attorney that would want to look at my story?
    I have all records to prove my story.

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  • Ma
      8th of Jul, 2010


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  • Fe
      18th of Dec, 2010

    Verizon treats any customers with issues as a threat. If you ask for a supervisor because the Rep is unwilling to handle your complaint they will say that one is not available. This way they do not get a ding on their record for not handling the issue in a timely fashion. Remember each time that you call them it costs them money as they are charged per minute for every customer call that is generated at customer service. (Laugh) service is not known by Verizon. Also look at the lawsuits that are filed against them and you might be able to joint in a class action suit depending on your circumstance.

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