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Verizon / stole my money

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I recently went to lunch with co workers, and went to pay for my bill. My check card was declined. I know i had the money so went online to view my bank statement. Verizon took 479.00 with out my athorization. so i called and they said there is no such payment pending..and i need to contact my bank. so i did. now its gonna take up to 5 days to get my money back. in the mean time everything is bouncing..and i cant get gas to get to work cause im in the negitive...

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      12th of Nov, 2008
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    Two weeks ago, Verizon electronically deducted $393.15 from my checking account. I was no on the Auto Payment plan and my bill for the month (which was only $264.75) was not due for another 5 days.

    Two days later they electronically withdrew ANOTHER $264.75 from my checking, again WITHOUT PERMISSION. This little move neatly overdrew my account and several checks bounced that day, resulting in overdraft fees for $111.00 from my bank.

    Not only will they NOT reimburse the overdraft fees which they are responsible for, but I have not been able (after hours on the phone with four different supervisors) to get them to put the $393.15 which I never even owed them, back into my bank account.

    As a result, I was not able to make my mortgage payment on time this month, resulting in more problems for me.

    Their customer service reps have screwed up every single thing that I've contacted them about and what I can't believe is that even the supervisors will not talk to me about this. They say they need to investigate further and that they'll call me back. They NEVER HAVE...

    The last conversation (yesterday) was with a supervisor named Doug who actually accused me of making the two payments MYSELF manually and overdrawing my own account!!!

    What the...?

    I am now contacting my lawyer to see if I can get Verizon to listen to them instead of me...

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    I broke my Verizon iPhone and purchased a new phone and service with sprint in June. I also disconnected my verizon service in June, they withdrew $77 from my account in August. When I called they said they'd reimburse me in 72 hours. When that didn't happen I called back and they said they phone was being used. I told them the phone was broken and thrown in the garbage two months ago. I then asked for the list of numbers supposedly called by the missing phone, they couldn't provide the list. They told me to go onto my verizon to see the list but said I still may not be able to see the list because they just now canceled my account. I said "you mean in the 5 minutes we've had this conversation all the supposed calls have been erased?" He said he could still see them. I said tell me a number I called. He said he would need me to tell him a number and he could verify it. I reminded him that he was lying and that the phone had been trashed long ago. He said if I wanted my money back I would need to dispute the charge with my bank. Did I also mention that they took the $77 from an account I never used to pay my old verizon bill. CROOKS!!!

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