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Verizon Fios / bad customer service

1 PA, United States Review updated:

The Verizon Fios business is run by amateurs. I was scheduled for an installation today between 8 AM and 12 PM. I waited all day and never received a phone call. I checked the status of my installation on the web and it always said pending but scheduled for today. At 2:00 PM I tried calling and was put on hold and disconnected twice. On the third try and after a long hold time I got a living person who put me through to dispatch who told me the installer was hung up on another job but that the guy would call me when he was headed my way. 6:30 PM and no phone call. I called their robotic help line which told me that since I have indicated that today no longer works for me I must reschedule. I never indicated anything of the sort. Like most people I work for a living and cannot make my schedule revolve around these clowns. Comcast bad as they are NEVER treated me this way. At this point I say to all Cable customers, Verizon with their FIOS service definately ain't an upgrade. Keep your cable.

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  • Ja
      21st of Jan, 2008
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    I too tried to have Verizon Fios installed today and same exact thing, the installer showed up at 4:40PM for a 8 to 12 noon appointment. Guess I didnt ask noon which day, I had left home by that time and I called twice and was promised both times the installer would be here shortly. They never called me to say he was going to be late. This is unacceptable, I guess I will see how many times they call to reschedule and maybe keep making appointments when I am not home and see if that drives them nuts. If they dont care about me now I doubt they are going to start after I sign a two year commitment.

  • Ju
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    Verizon Fios! What a joke! I have been a happy dishnetwork customer for 3 years.... but they do not have on demand. So a month ago I thought all of my dreams had come true and that I would finally get a crapload of channels plus on demand for less than the $5million a month comcast charges for all of the premiums. Well I ordered my service the 3rd week of december. They couldn't get me in until Jan 26th between the hours of 8am and 5pm (very convenient for a saturday I might add). They arrived at about 4pm... The install went great... or so I thought...

    That night I attempted to access Showtime On Demand so i could get caught up on season two of Dexter... it said i wasn't a subscriber.... i told myself it must take a while to activate the on demand..... ( i was able to view all of the actual showtime channels)

    Sunday night I called up tech support (45 minute hold time).... I spoke with a nice guy who said that I must pay an extra fee for the premiums on demand even if I already subscribe to the premiums... however, billing isn't open on weekends. I must call back on monday...

    Monday morning before work... i give them a call and speak with billing (25 minute hold time) the person i speak with states that I am all set up for video on demand; however, I must speak with tech support as they may need to update my system... so he transfers me... after 30 minutes of holding... i had to hang up because I was already late for work.

    Monday night I called and spoke with Tech Support ( 45 minute wait) the person I spoke with stated that tech support doesn't handle on demand... there is a special Video On Demand Specialist who would need to help me out... so he puts me on hold for about 15 minutes... apologizes and says everything will be ok within 24 hours...

    Tuesday.. nothing.. i gave them the benefit of the doubt...

    Wednesday morning I wake up.... nothing... try calling but after holding for 20 minutes I decided I better not be late for work again. (no point in getting fired if there isn't anything good on tv anyway)

    So I called this afternoon to cancel my service... I spoke with a retention specialist.... he says... if I can get this resolved for you in 10-15 minutes... and find a way of compensating you would you stay with verizon. I said sure...

    He did a great job... kudos to him... it took a little over an hour he was working with a Video On Demand Specialist.... they said they would update the system and It would take 30 minutes to 4 hours to update. He cut my first bill in half and discounted my bill $5 a month for a year... I agreed and disconnected....

    Not realizing that the TV in the living room now says (No Connection)

    Well it's been 6 hours... the TV still isn't working.. (I of course checked the connection) the other tv IS working ... however, i still don't have access to on demand.....

    The whole time I have been typing this complaint I have been on hold waiting to speak with a tech support person.....

    Emails don't work either... I have sent several... You don't even receive an auto response!

    yours truly...
    A Dish Network Customer for Life!

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